Maravai Portfolio

Maravai Life Sciences is a leading life sciences firm that has focused on the research and development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the healthcare industry. Co-founded by Carl Hull and Eric Tardif, Maravai is based in San Diego, California. The company is the brainchild of these two highly-experienced business professionals, who bring decades of life sciences and financial management experience to the firm. The result is a company that has rapidly expanded its portfolio, giving rise to the development of molecular diagnostic tools, viral screening assays, vaccines, and nucleotide synthesis systems.

The Maravai Life Sciences Portfolio

Decades of experience in the life sciences industry have shaped the direction and growth of Maravai Life Sciences. The company is credited with spearheading the development of therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities. Maravai currently has four companies in its biopharma ceutical business portfolio:

TriLink Bio technologies — Tri Link is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization that specializes in nucleic acid synthesis. Its capabilities include cutting-edge mRNA, oligonucleotide, and plasmid production for the biopharma ceuticals industry. The company has focused on streamlining production processes from discovery-grade to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) products. Its products have been used in pharmaceutical research and clinical trials around the world since the company’s founding in 1996.

Glen Research — Glen has been a leader in the production of DNA and RNA reagents used in oligonucleotide synthesis since 1987. In 1993, the company introduced its Sterling line of products which set a new standard in nucleotide synthesis. The Sterling line adheres to the strictest quality control standards, which have allowed the reagents to be instrumental in the development of bio pharmaceutical therapies. Glen Research supplies researchers, businesses, and diagnostic/life science OEM partners around the globe.

Cygnus Technologies — based in North Carolina and founded in 1997, Cygnus is a world leader in the development of bio process impurity antibody assays. Its work in the field of host cell protein (HCP) and impurity detection/analytics has allowed companies around the world to develop vaccines, therapeutic proteins, and gene therapies to the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance. As innovators in their field, Cygnus has advanced the science of impurity detection. Ultimately, their research and production have helped spur the developments of therapeutic solutions at new levels of cost efficiency and safety.

Vector Laboratories — as the first company to commercialize enzyme complex kits for immuno histo chemistry, Vector has become a trusted source for labeling and detection reagents in the biopharmaceutical field. Vector offers a wide range of products, including detection, immunofluorescence, substrates, and mounting media kits. In fact, the company’s reagents are found in the leading laboratories around the world as part of Standard Operating Procedures. Vector was founded in 1976 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s facilities meet or exceed ISO certification standards, and its contributions to the advancements of biosciences have been cited over 350,000 times in research publications.

Eric Tardif, Maravai Life Sciences continues to support the development of novel therapeutic agents. With their portfolio of cutting-edge companies, Maravai is positioned to expand our understanding of the life sciences, improving patient outcomes and advancing research at facilities throughout the world.